New Year's party A course 3500 yen

New Year's party A course 3500 yen

3500 yen

Tax included - including seats

A total of 12 banquet courses that you can eat recommended meal of Ishiro.For digging seat up to 24 people, you can also charter!


◆ Cupped cabbage

◆ whim salad

◆ Today's gem

◆ Seafood stone grill 1 type

◆ Assorted stone grilled 4 varieties

◆ Sendai style beef tan stone grill

Stone-grilled "Aged Cattle" Steak White Truffle Salt

◆ Assorted grilled vegetables platter

◆ Rice Cooking Shichiri of the Seven Castle Rice

◆ Miso soup

◆ pickles

◆ sweet

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※ All you can drink at +1500 yen.